Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Challenging Feral

Most of my recent dreams have involved me getting stroppy with people and this one is no exception.

Dream starts with my and my friend D faffing about in the living room one morning (I'm living in her house) when D's mum throws open the front door and announces that D is moving back to Brid.
D is flapping around open mouthed in disbelief while her mum starts moving furniture.
I'm boiling mad at the sheer audacity of the woman and decide I need a cig. (despite the fact that I have given up)
I stomp out of the house without telling anyone I'm going and wander down to the local butcher shop. Because of course that's where you go to buy fags.
When I get inside I realise the owner is the bloke who used to run the local shop when I was a kid, who nicknamed me Trouble (no idea why). He greets me like an old friend and asks what I want and then I realise how daft it is going to a butchers for cigarettes. I'm stuttering something about wanting to know where the nearest place I can buy them is when the female assist opens a door in the wall and announces they do sell them. They have one of those hole in the wall kiosk things so I go back outside and ask for tobacco. Unfortunately they've sold out of tobacco so I decide I'll have a packet of straights instead. All of them are weird foreign brands that I've never heard of so I decide not to buy any after all. (see, even my dreams don't want me to smoke)

I wander back up the street, pondering the situtation and decide that I'm just not going to have it. No one can come in and tell someone they are moving.
When I get back, there is a removal van outside the house and half the furniture is packed. Steamingly mad, I start taking furniture back out of the van and take it back into the house. Then I start yelling at D's mum, telling her she can't just tell D she's moving, and what about me, I lived there too? I take a stand, tell her we're NOT moving and stomp back out to bring more furniture back in. And then I woke up

I couldn't help laughing when I woke up cos in real life D's mum is scary and I would never dare yell at her!

Kids club night

Dream starts with me living back in Brid. (I know, horrible thought)
I'm in the bath, liberally soaping myself when my babysitter, Dawn, yells to me that she's taking the boys off to De'Vinchies (the local, now closed, nightclub)
I absently minded grunted my agreement without realising what she's said and then five minutes later, once I've climbed out of the bath, I suddenly realise what's going on. I stand there in shock thinking 'she didn't really say she's taking B to De'Vinchies?!' out loud and then throw my clothes on, determined to go down and sort it out.
I then appear at the club (as you do) and shove and punch my way through the huge crowd outside waiting to get in. (This never happened, De'Vinchies was not in any way a good nightclub)
I finally get to the door and, peering over someone's head, see Dawn and B (with one of his also underage friends) paying to get in. The bouncer bloke looks suspiciously at B, obviously thinking he's too young to get in but then realises he knows Dawn so lets them on through.
At this point I stomp my way in to the woman taking the money and start yelling at her - 'do you realise that boy is only 14 years old? what sort of place are you running here?' -
I grab hold of Dawn, who's wearing a beautiful, tight red dress, and start yelling at her - 'what the hell do think you're doing taking B to a nightclub, he's 14 years old for god's sake!' , 'how bloody irresponsible are you?'
I then grab hold of B, dragging him out of the club, with him complaining how I've embarrassed him in front of everyone and continue yelling while trying to work out how we're going to get home.

Ah, yet another morning where I wake up thinking 'What the hell??'