Saturday, 8 January 2011

A quick wedding

My friend J was getting married for the second time. She was very laidback about it while everyone else was panicking about getting things ready.
The night before the wedding, I ran into her in a shop where she was trying on this hideous poofy, turquoise and red dress. I was aghast that that a) she hadn't bought her wedding dress the night before the wedding and b) that she would think of buying such a hideous dress.

I marched her up to the nearest bridal shop, thanking our lucky stars that there are so many of them here. On arrival however it seemed that there was only one rack of dresses and they were all a bit grubby. So we left and hurried on to the next one.
Here we had slightly more luck. It seemed that there were hardly any dresses that were decent left but she managed to find a couple that she liked and then took ages to decide which one she wanted.
She finally decided on a brocade, two piece corset and skirt outfit that I had secretly been hoping she would choose.

Somehow it was then time for the wedding - it seemed shopping had taken all night.

People were milling around outside and people were wondering what to do with J's youngest son so I took him with me (even though I'd never met him before so he didn't know me from Adam) and slipped into a pew in the back.
Looking around, I saw my brothers there and to my surprise, J's ex brother in law. He had the eldest with him.

J came in and walked up the aisle, the vicar started all the marriage bit. Then my brother whispered to me that he thought it a bit odd that J was getting married again. I whispered back that it was a bit odd, they'd only been together five minutes, and she hadn't been split up from her husband all that long. then felt like a bad friend.
Then started wondering how she had managed to get divorced so quickly and realised she hadn't.
That's when I realised it was a dream and woke up.