Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Don't you think it's strange...

That we live in a world where a man is paid more to kick a ball around a field for 90 minutes than one who holds a life in his hands everyday?

That a woman can earn more to walk down a length of wood than one who shapes the minds, the ideas, the futures, of our children?

That someone who spends their life pretending to be someone else is more valued than one who spends theirs entering burning buildings?

That in an era where people can earn billions, there are still people who are forced to choose between eating and being warm?

That in a world where people can own as many homes as they want, there are still people living on the streets?

That in a country that used to pride itself on its compassion, its people are abusing their vulnerable neighbours?

This is what I was thinking about while trying to sleep last night

A change

I have decided to make a change. This blog will now be a general one, not just for my dreams. Important huh?
Well no, but I'm doing it anyway. Hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as my dreams!