Saturday, 25 July 2009

London baby!!?!?

It's been a while since I updated so here's my latest offering:

After school one afternoon I decided B and I were going to make a trip to London. We jumped on the train near home for what should have been a straightforward 2 hour journey into Waterloo. I however, for some inexplicable reason that only makes sense in dreams, decided to get off early at Chichester Street (not even a real station).
As soon as we got off I realised I'd made a mistake, it was too far to walk to reach the city so we headed for the nearest tube station. I asked for 1 adult, 1 child single to Waterloo, which the grumpy woman at the desk overcharged me for.
We headed for the platforms, with me desperately trying to read the train tickets, which didn't seem to make any sense at all. I was panicking and trying to work out which platform I needed and which train I had to catch, running up and down the platform looking for a timetable or a guard, but there was nothing.
In the end we found the train the tickets told us to be on and I settled on, still trying to work out what the tickets were saying. They said I had to change at a place called Zaminya, which I had never heard of, and all the stations names were completely unfamiliar - I felt like I was in a foreign country!
We got off at the strangely named station and once again I found myself trying to find timetables and work out where we needed to go. All the electronic announcers seemed to be saying something different and I was so confused! Eventually I found a guard who told me I had to look for the numbers on the trains - I needed number 180081 so when I saw a train with that number I should get on it. The train arrived and we boarded, happy that we had finally found the train we needed and would get to London.
When we reached our destination however, it wasn't London we were at but Cambridge! With signs showing which way people should go when they wanted to take a train to Austria!!
By this time I was tired and totally disheartened so upon seeing a guard (very quickly this time, and Cambridge was what I had been expecting all stations to be like), I asked him to put us on the next train home. B asked why we weren't going to London anymore and I explained in a tired voice that it was very late, there was no point going there now and we'd had enough adventures for the day so we were just going to go home.

I woke up thinking it would be a long time before I was comfortable catching a train again!