Sunday, 29 November 2009

Just Desserts

Last night's dream was tastebud tingling, mmmmmmmm.

So, I was working at some crappy job or other when I looked out my window and saw that my mum had opened up a shop called 'Just Desserts'.
I was a little irritated at first that she had chosen to open it where I live as opposed to where she lived (50 miles away) but I went over to check it out.
It was a tiny little place but filled with hand made sweets and chocolates. Tantalising little stacks of them on glass trays behind glass counters, that seemed to be seductively begging you to try them.
I was very excited by this and thought it would be a good place for me to work since I could make sweet treats too.
My mum kept dithering over whether I could have a job and I was getting more antsy everyday, when (after a few days) I looked out my window again to see she had taken someone on! I was highly unamused by this so I stomped on over to the shop to find out just who this usurper was.
It turned out she was just some random girl who'd moved into town, seen the shop and decided she wanted to work there. My mum didn't even know her and hadn't actually given her the job, the girl had just started working! Very bizarre. And I was a bit confused as to why why mum didn't just tell her to go if she didn't want her there.
Anyhoo, I was staring longingly at the chocolates again and thinking that I could make truffles and honeycomb that would go nicely on one of those glass trays, if only I could make the girl leave, when I woke up.
I swear I was actually salivating too! Maybe my tastebuds just couldn't take it and woke me up so I'd give them something to eat. :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Last night's dream was terribly interesting, and possibly proof that I have been spending way too much time online.

I was in my old home town, on the estate where I grew up, sitting at a table (which doesn't exist) in the local shop doing some writing. My old friend C, whom I hadn't seen for ages, wandered in and I saw she was heavily pregnant. I invited her to sit down, we spent a few minutes having a chat and then I asked the inevitable question, 'Who's the daddy?'
I was rather surprised to say the least when she told me it was Robert Pattinson, who'd been in town a few months previous shooting a film. She told me that she was trying to track him down but couldn't get hold of him so I offered to help.
We left the shop and wandered down past the old (but still called new) flats, reminiscing about the old days when the flats were still being built.
C took me along some old alleyway that I didn't recognise but which led out into the main shopping street. I thought it was a bit peculiar that we would be looking for him in town since he obviously wasn't here anymore, so we left and C took me along another unfamiliar alley. This one led through a quarry and I thought how odd it was that I didn't recognise any of these places despite the fact that I'd lived here all my life.
When we came out of the alley we were on a strange street that I soon realised was London. (This did not seem odd to me despite the fact that hometown is 250 odd miles away from London.)
I walked into the restaurant where he was eating, (by this time I was on my own, C having disappeared without notice) and sat down to tell him why I was there. As I talked he grew more and more agitated, not because of what I was saying but because the restaurant walls were made of glass and hundreds of fangirls outside had spotted him and started screaming. Me and his manager tried to disguise him, which of course didn't work since we were doing it right in front of screaming girls, so I led everyone through a leather door in the wall.
This opened out into a boardroom so I once again stated what I was there for, saying that C didn't want anything from him, she just wanted him to know about it so that he could be involved if he wanted to.
Whilst he was digesting this, the scene changed to a cinema. I was there with RP and someone else who was faceless and nameless, to watch the film that R had shot in hometown. I had seen a trailer for it previously and got stupidly excited, pointing out all the places I knew, like where I did my paper round, where I used to play in the park, where my friends lived etc.
When we arrived at the cinema we had to fill out a form to be admitted, hand it to the manager, who then filled in a form to give back to us, which we had to give to the usher. I thought this was a bit of a longwinded way to do things.
RP and nameless companion got their forms, but the manager couldn't seem to see me until the others had already got their popcorn and were waiting.
I handed her my form but when she tried to fill in the form to give back to me, she got all confused and couldn't work out what she was supposed to write. Then she starting talking about N (another old friend) and that she would have to make me an appointment but she didn't know when he was free. I was just starting to get a bit ratty when the phone rang and woke me up.

Note to self: painkillers make for very interesting dreams!

Friday, 13 November 2009


So last night I dreamt about...something that would make a really good book. Or film. So I'm not going to tell you in case you nick it. Tee hee :)