Saturday, 17 October 2009

Escape from School.

B was trying to get out of going to school by pretending to be sick. I of course was having none of this and finally managed to get him out the door at 10am and walked him to bus stop to make sure he went.
Then, at the school, his teacher called me in and accused me of being on drugs! I stomped out indignantly, outraged at being accused and decided I wanted to leave the school without being seen. So I went along to the library and spoke to my old History teacher who told me to climb up on a particular pile of books and escape through a hole in the ceiling.
And all the time I was escaping I was thinking that they weren't real librarians because real librarians would NEVER tell me to climb on books!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Saturday Night Madness

Even my dream self knew Saturday's dream was a little bit strange - I pitched up at uni for a faculty meeting, to be told that they had changed the timetable. All the professors were looking rather pleased with themselves when they told us that actually, our timetables weren't really that difficult, and we wouldn't have all that much to do. Feeeling this was a little strange, I looked around the room only to see half the cast of Harry Potter there as well. Now I knew this was strange.
I walked out of the meeting, out into the dark, stormy night when a professor came running after me to tell me they had forgotten to tell me my blood type - O positive. (I have no idea whether this is really my blood type). Feeling rather non-plussed by this, I wondered why the uni would need my blood type and also thought it was amazing they had managed to get it without the use of any needles.

Segue into:

I was in one of those bits and bobs shops that sell absolutely everything, looking for a paperback copy of a Harry Potter book. The shop was doing a buy-one-get-one-free sale so I picked up a copy of some cheesy novel - after all, I wasn't technically buying it so it didn't count.
When I got home and started reading the HP, I discovered that some of the pages were missing. I was completely outraged by this and stomped off to the shop demanding a refund. The shop assistant was actually an old college lecturer of mine and the king of sarcasm and he refused to believe that there was anything wrong with the book. So I opened it up and waved it in his face to show him where the missing pages were. He finally, with much huffing and puffing, gave me a refund but then said that I owed him 5p cos of the free book and the 20% off deal. Even my dream self couldn't be doing with maths stuff, so I threw the 5p at him and stomped out.

'Nother segue:

Back home in my flat: I was flitting about doing the housework (which happens all the time obviously) when the doorbell went. B answered it and just stood there, being all stuttery like he couldn't work out what to say. I had gone into B's room and couldn't see who was at the door so I just yelled to see who it was. No answer. I walked into the living room and to my shock and horror, ex-friend K was sitting there, having pushed his way in. My first thought was horrified - I had moved since the last time I saw K, how had he found out where I lived?
Demanding to know how he knew where I lived and what he was doing there, K started shouting about wanting to know why I wouldn't speak to him anymore. I was so angry that he would dare shout at me in my own home, that I lost my temper and, shouting at the top of my lungs, told him exactly why I wasn't talking to him anymore and then threw him out the door.
Then I went on Facebook to write on my status that I would kill whoever had given him my address.
Even my dream self is addicted to Facebook!!!