Sunday, 4 April 2010

Date with a Creek

So, MS is officially the most boring disease in the world. Not only does it mean that I'm forced to spend all day indoors sitting on my arse but also that my fingers are too numb to do any writing! How unfair is that??

Ok, now that my slightly uncomfortable reason for the lack of updating is out there, let's move on.

How do you know when you've spent far too much time watching Jonathan Creek? When you start dreaming about Alan Davies is how.

Dream starts in a festival ground, when everyone is finishing up ready for opening. It's early afternoon, lovely and quiet, with very few people around. (Yes I'm aware this is entirely unrealistic but hey, it's MY dream). JC and I are meandering through the grounds in that very awkward but exciting period at the beginning of a relationship. You know, when you both know the other likes you but you're waiting for the first move to be made.

We're happily wandering, talking about little nonsense things, with the occasional 'accidental' brush against the other's arm etc, etc, when some bloke wanders up to ask me out. I casually tell him I'm not interested, barely breaking off my conversation, and carry on walking.

This happens a couple more times, by which time I'm thinking that this has never happened before and wondering what's going on. It does have the affect of JC finally taking my hand and we wander over to a picnic table to sit down, me grinning like a schoolgirl.

JC is due on stage in a few hours so I suggest he goes upstairs for a rest. He looks at me coyly and asks if I will come up and help him to bed. I say to him, in a husky voice with a seductive waggle of the eyebrows, 'well, that depends if you want to get any sleep.'

And then I wake up. Before we get to the good stuff. Dammit.