Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Painting and Portland

It has been a while since I'm remembered enough of a dream to write it down but this one is stuck in my head now.

I've been on a decorating binge recently and this has showed up in my dream. Here goes:

I was painting a wall in my room, which for some reason was in my dads house, and I ran out of paint. I hadn't noticed the name of the paint just that it was from Dulux, was chocolate brown and I could remember where it was in the colour booklet.
I sent my brother down to Homebase to buy some more but he came back with the wrong colour. I went off on one about this, yelling about how it was the wrong colour, how I wouldn't be able to finish painting now and the room wouldn't be how I wanted it.

I then went off to do something else and when I came back they had painted the wall and were looking very pleased with themselves. Except it was the wrong paint. It was all glossy like silk and the rest of the wall was matt and they had also used it to paint the wood work. They thought they'd done something good and couldn't see the difference in the two paints.

I left in disgust and went down to Homebase myself to buy the paint. Only when I got there I couldn't find it. I looked through the colour catalogue knowing I'd recognise the name when i saw it but nothing was the same colour. There were no paints that were dark enough. I was going through everything with extreme frustration, knowing damn well that I'd bought the shade I wanted just a few days before. I couldn't even find it on the little cards for mixing colours up.

I went off to the counter and found that the bloke working there was someone I'd known back in Brid, R. He was a little condescending, as if he were the same person and treated me as if I were exactly the same too. I wasn't having this so I went off to find something that was the colour I wanted so I could show it to him.
I rummaged through all sorts of things, the bed linens, the sale bins untill eventually I found a duvet cover that was the exact colour I wanted.

I took it back to show him and he sighed in a snooty manner and said 'why didn't you say so?' then took me round the side to where some sale stuff was.
He pointed out these brown containers and said they were what I wanted and I should have looked harder. I retorted back that I wouldn't have looked at these because they looked like brown gardening baskets. Which they did.

I bought then anyway and set out to drive home. Somehow I had acquired a couple of passengers, my friends C and S.
I soon realised that we weren't driving home, we were driving through Portland, Oregon. I was in no way perturbed by this and being dreamland, I didn't question how I'd managed to get across the Atlantic Ocean the whole of the the United States to arrive in the Pacific North West. Instead I excited decided that since we were there we should go and pay a visit to my friend L.

Despite only have ever been there once several months ago, I remembered the way to her house and even which turning her road was from the main entrance. But we ended up going to far (somehow) and instead of turning around we decided to carry on and just turn off at the end and come in the back way.
C had left us by this point so it was just me and S. The road seemed unending but eventually we turned off and drove up another road that apparently was way off where we wanted to go. But then a bloke appeared who told us there was a multi storey car park just up the road and it would take us where we wanted to go.

We drove in and parked the car. I took the paint out and wondered how I was going to carry it up to the house (why I had to take it I don't know) and then saw that there was a handy mini lift, like a dumb waiter system. You opened a door, put your stuff inside and then pressed the button you wanted it to go to.

Having done this S and I stepped onto what was half escalator, half stairs. You took a few steps, then it would become escalator, then another few steps, and so on. It was very difficult not to fall over.

But we made it eventually and then ran up the road to L's house, just behind C. As I went up, L had come running out and was excitedly hugging C and saying how nice it was to see her,which I thought was odd since they had never even heard of each other before.

We went on into the house and then realised that L and her hubby had only just arrived home that morning from holiday so they were tired and there were bags all over the place. And they had another visitor - some strange old man who seemed very interested in the fact that we were young women.

I was just apologising for dropping in without notice when the postman rang the doorbell and woke me up.

Very interesting dream!