Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Vanishing Tattoo

I took the plunge yesterday and splurged on a new tattoo. It's a beautiful pentagram on my right wrist and I absolutely love it. Did not love the price of it though. I forgot to get them to quote me before they started doing it and only when I went to pay did I discover that it was £40. £40!. And I could have got it for £25 up at a different studio.
This must have seeped into my subconcious and come out in my dream last night.

I dreamt that I woke up and found that the ink had come off in scabs during the night. The only thing left was a faint purple dye that was only a tiny part of the original design. I was absolutely furious, so I stomped off down to the studio to see if I could get it redone. But apparently my skin rejected the ink, so anything else they put on would just slide off again.
So they gave me a cheque for £57 to cover the refund and apologies. Which I was quite happy with, I admit. Still muttering, I stomped off down to the bank to put the cheque, all the while thinking 'I knew I should have gone to Black Pearl!'

And the lesson is: always get a quote before you get tattooed.

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